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Shattered Realms

Other Works

  • A Vision for the Future (short story--free at most ebook outlets)
  • Skirts & Swords: Female-Led Epic Fantasy Box Set for Charity (includes Frey)
  • Guardians of Destiny (multi-author first in series box set, includes Frey and Bound by Prophecy)
  • ‚ÄčTouched by Love (multi-author YA Fantasy box set, includes Bound by Prophecy)

The Frey Saga

   Book 1: Frey

   Book 2: Pieces of Eight

   Book 2.5: Molly (a short story)

   Book 3: Rise of the Seven

   Book 4: Venom and Steel

*Also available in a three book series bundle

The Frey Saga
Descendants Series

Melissa Wright

Shattered Realms

   Book 1: King of Ash and Bone

   Book 2: Coming Soon

Descendants Series

   Book 1: Bound by Prophecy

   Book 2: Shifting Fate

   Book 3: Reign of Shadows

*Also available in a series bundle