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Beyond the Filigree Wall

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A dark secret. A deadly curse. The ill-fated girl at the heart of both. 

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Antonetta Ostwind is about to get everything she’s ever wanted… by ending the fae. Never mind that magic is nothing more than a fairy story to the people of Westrende, or that her father the general is afraid to so much as speak their name. Etta can see the truth. The shadows of the Riven Court walk among them, and their very presence puts the entire kingdom in danger. But for Etta, there is a vengeance more personal to pay.

If she can just take her place as marshal, she’ll gain the standing required to steal back what’s hers. What Etta doesn’t know, is that one thing stands between her and the coveted position she needs so badly. His name is Gideon Alexander.

Slip into clean, slow-burn romance with a properly stabby heroine and the low commitment of a standalone series in this light regency and fairytale inpsired fantasy romp for fans of Enchantment of Ravens and Little Thieves.